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Modeling sea level rise impacts on storm surges along U.S. coasts
"Sound policies for protecting coastal communities and assets require good information about vulnerability to flooding."

Tidally adjusted estimates of topographic vulnerability to sea level rise and flooding for the contiguous United States
"Because sea level could rise 1 m or more during the next century, it is important to understand what land, communities and assets may be most at risk from increased flooding and eventual submersion."

Sea Level Rise: The Risk, The Facts
"Among other challenges, climate change is causing our sea levels to rise and putting our coastal cities -- and billions of people -- at risk across the globe."

As West Antarctica melts, the urgency for climate change adaption rises
"As if the recent reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the National Climate Assessment (NCA) weren't enough of a reminder of the ways in which human actions are changing our planet, new research published in the current edition of Geophysical Research Letters (GRL) presents evidence that part of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has passed a tipping point."

US Cities Under 12-Feet of Sea-Level Rise: Photos
"Artist Nickolay Lamm has depicted a number of U.S. cities as they would look under 12 feet of sea-level rise."

Collapse Of Antarctic Ice Sheet Would Likely Put Washington, D.C. Largely Underwater
"Geophysicists have shown that should the West Antarctic Ice Sheet collapse and melt in a warming world -- as many scientists are concerned it will -- it is the coastlines of North America and of nations in the southern Indian Ocean that will face the greatest threats from rising sea levels."