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Study of Death Penalty in U.S. Calls For Overhaul
"The study by the Constitution Project, a Washington legal research group, is billed as one of the most comprehensive reviews ever of capital punishment in the U.S. Above, the lethal injection chamber at California's San Quentin State Prison."

Oklahoma Botches Clayton Lockett's Execution
"An Oklahoma death row inmate writhed, clenched his teeth and appeared to struggle against the restraints holding him to a gurney before prison officials halted an execution in which the state was using a new drug combination for the first time. The man later died of a heart attack."

Irreversible Error: Recommended Reforms for Preventing and Correcting Errors in the Administration of Capital Punishment
"No matter what their political perspectives or views about capital punishment, all Americans share a common interest in justice for victims of crimes and for those accused of committing crimes."