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'Belief in Science' Increases in Stressful Situations "A faith in the explanatory and revealing power of science increases in the face of stress or anxiety, a study by Oxford University psychologists suggests." Scientific Faith: Belief in Science Increases in the Face of Stress and Existential Anxiety "Growing evidence indicates that religious belief helps individuals to cope with stress and anxiety. But is this effect specific to supernatural beliefs, or is it a more general function of belief - including belief in science?" Is Science a Religion? "The 1996 Humanist of the Year asked this question in a speech accepting the honor from the American Humanist Association." Study: Non-Religious People's Faith in Science Increases Under Stress "Pre-regatta rowers were more likely to agree with Carl Sagan that 'in a demon-haunted world, science is a candle in the dark.'" Science Is a Religion "Nowadays more and more people seem to confuse science with fact." Top 10 Reasons Science Is Another Religion "As a Biologist with a PhD in Neurosciences, I'm well aware that this is a controversial subject for both scientists and religious people alike."

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