If you’ve never considered using public transportation to get to and from your urban adventures, this new web app just might be your enabler.

Mapnificent is a dynamic travel time map (not a time travel map!) which shows you which areas of the city you can reach with public transportation within a given time. Simply put your location on the map, then select a time frame for your journey, and Mapnificent will highlight the parts of the city you can reach within that time.

It appears to be useful for those moving to an area, or those who want to meet up with friends at a location you both can reach within a given time. But it also might be a great planning tool for urban adventurers who use public transportation to get to the starting point for their next escapade.

Watch the intro below to see how it works, and leave me a comment here if you think it might be useful for adventuring in and around the city.

Mapnificent is currently in public beta, with a limited number of major U.S. and world cities in the database.

Catch up with Mapnificent on Twitter or read more about the app here: A Mapnificent World.

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Image: Alex Barth at Flickr