What happens when a pedaling preying mantis, a tarantula on a treadmill and a spool walking scorpion join the circus? Well, they team-up with other creepy crawlies who balance on ping-pong balls and get shot out of a cannon. All in the name of putting on the second Greatest Show on Earth…and charging a smart phone.

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This may sound like Pixar's next blockbuster script, but it's actually an ad for Qualcomm's Snapdragon micro-processor.

While Qualcomm ring-masters certainly took a few creative liberties with the skill range of their "performers," the Rube Goldberg-esque "Bug Circus Generator," nonetheless, is sure to get at least a standing ovation for sheer daredevilry.

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Though functional, the big-top charging contraption obviously falls a little flat in the form category. That is, unless you're Pee-wee Herman, because the "Bug Circus Generator" would fit nicely into his morning routine


[Via Gizmodo]