Ninkasi Brewery Expansion
We couldn't visit Oregon without making a trip to Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene. Jamie and Nikos are not only brewing incredible craft brew but they have been working on an expansion equivalent to the Google Campus... but for beer. Their new facilities should be open by late summer or fall so be sure to head to Eugene and knock down a few Tricerahops.
Apr 16, 2014
The Magic of Sour Beer
Learn how adding bacteria to your brew can make a pleasurably sour libation. Cascade Brewery in Portland, Oregon is making some of the highest quallity sour beers in the world. Head over to their website or barrel house to try it for yourself.
Mar 19, 2014
Gigantic Brewery: Coffee, Comics, and BEER
This week we begin to explore the amazing beer scene in Oregon! Gigantic Brewery is making some of the most innovative and tasty beer on the West Coast. Ben Love, Gigantic's brewmaster, was proud to tell us about Too Much Coffee Man, a Belgian-Style Black Ale with Coffee. Watch the episode to learn more about the comic on the label and the coffee beans that went into the beer!
Mar 5, 2014
Whiskey Train: Making Whiskey From Beer
Take a ride on the Whiskey Train with Bryan from Pac Brew Labs and Clint and Tim from Seven Stills. Together, these guys are making whiskey from craft beer and showcasing their product on a trolley. It was a fun, messy ride!
Feb 20, 2014