For the guy who wants to make a statement with his living room decor (that statement being: “What the f@#& are you looking at?!”), comes the The Brass Knuckle Chair from the maniacs with welding torches over at FistFire.

At 5-feet long and almost 4 1/2 feet high, this full metal, larger than life, set of brass knuckles comes outfitted with a white fur trim (to show its softer side?), and four rolling casters so you can ram deadbeats while still comfortably seated.

You can also order the Brass Knuckle chair with leveling feet instead of casters, then just order the deadbeats to run into the chair repeatedly, until you’re satisfied…

The slotted design makes for easy disassembly for transport… Or for hiding in the trunk of a car until the authorities stop poking around.

A functional piece of art, it’s the perfect gift for the Capo de Tutti Capo you need to pay some respect to, or just as an intimidating enforcer to keep the rest of your furniture from mouthing off.

Who you callin’ a chaise?