If you like to indulge in a good book every once in a while but have a hard time picking one out, a vending machine that makes the choice for you could be your thing — especially if you live in Toronto. Drop into Monkey Paw's, a vintage bookstore and slip two dollars into the Biblio-Mat, a vending machine created by designer Craig Small.

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The machine randomly selects a book for you, one of the many classic titles out there. Small built the machine from an old metal locker and it's completely automated; the only human involvement comes when the machine needs to be restocked.

Because titles are randomly selected, you run the chance of getting a book you've already had or don't care to read. However, if you're going to chance two bucks on a novelty, it might as well be one that involves books and reading. Check out the video below for a demo.

The BIBLIO-MAT from Craig Small on Vimeo.

Credit: Craig Small