We’ve all heard the age-old idiom, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” But here’s a twist. This book judges you, and refuses to open if you’re too judgmental.

The project, called The Cover That Judges You, comes from Amsterdam creative studio Moore. It uses integrated camera and facial-recognition technology to determine a person’s state of openness.

How Face Recognition Tech Will Change Everything

Users interested in reading line up their eyes, nose and mouth within the facial outline on the book cover. When the camera positioned at the top detects a face in close proximity, it displays it on the cover and then scans it. Facial recognition technology analyzes the expression.

Only then, after the camera and software have analyzed the person’s expression, does the book decide whether or not to open. If the face of the reader is free of judgment or prejudice, the lock on the front clicks open. If not, no access is granted.

Sincerity is key here. If the reader demonstrates too much emotion, either overexcitement or under-enthusiasm, the book will remain locked.

“My aim was to create a book cover that was human and approachable hi-tech,” Thijs Biersteker of Moore wrote on the project’s site. “If you approach the book, the face recognition system picks up your face and starts scanning it for signs of judgement.”

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The prototype was designed for the Art Directors Club Nederlands’ 2015 annual. Thijs Biersteker worked in collaboration with ThisPageCanNotBeFound, Marlies Olbertijin and Adrien Jeanjean.

For those still wondering what’s inside: The book’s filled with an edited selection of creative work. Of course, only those who pass the cover’s judgment will be privy to specifics—for the rest, the book remains a mystery.