Bonnie and Clyde's Guns on Auction: Eighty years after Bonnie and Clyde were ambushed by police officers and shot to death, some of their weapons and other possessions are going up for auction in Nashua, N.H. On that fateful day back in 1934, when Texas Ranger Frank Hamer caught up with the bank-robbing couple, he and his deputies were told that they could keep whatever they found in the bullet-riddled car. They took an arsenal of guns and other personal artifacts.

PHOTOS: What Bonnie and Clyde Left Behind

In the 1970s, Hamer's family sold off many of the guns. But two of them — a Colt .45 that Hamer found tucked in Clyde's waistband and a .38 Detective Special that was taped to Bonnie's thigh — are going up for auction this Sunday. Each could go sell for six figures. via WBUR