It's safe to say that iPod and iPhone users everywhere had a little bit of a freak out when the charger adapter went from the standard 30-pin to the smaller Lightning connector. It changes everything from docking stations to cases. But if your biggest concern is streaming music, this tiny ribbon from Blue Ant may help.

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The Ribbon is a stereo Bluetooth streamer than can pair with any device to stream music to just about any kind of player. It plays well with devices that have Bluetooth capabilities. Equipped with a 3.5MM AUX cable, the Ribbon can plug into a home or car stereo to stream music straight from your mobile device without having to connect it to anything. The device can clip onto clothes or just hangout in a cup holder in the car. It even works as a remote for playback or calls.

It's small, discreet and universally helpful for any kind of mobile device user, not just beleaguered iDevice owners.

Credit: Blue Ant