Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones: $59.95

For years, experts have warned of the prevalent hearing loss associated with listening to loud music through earbuds and headphones. But try telling that to an angsty teenager and you risk coming off as old fuddy duddy.

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No one likes getting told to turn their music down. I'm no teenager, but I still balk and wince when someone tells me to turn down Iggy and The Stooges at two in the morning.

Perhaps here's a solution to prevent hearing loss while still enjoying loud music without waking the neighbors: Aftershokz Bone Conduction Headphones.

Instead of blasting music through your ear, Aftershokz says their headphones "sit comfortably in front of the ear and utilize bone conduction technology to deliver sound through the listener’s cheekbones to the inner ear."

Normally, sound waves reach the inner ear through vibrations of the ear drum. But with bone conduction, sounds reach the inner ear through direct vibrations of the bones in the head — similar to how whales hear.

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The headphones were originally developed for use by military special ops and SWAT teams. If that's not cool enough for you, maybe the thought of listening to Pentagram through your skull will be. Plus, you won't go deaf in the process.

[Via GizMag]

Credit: Aftershokz