Remember the last time you got really mad? Remember that furious glare you flashed? You squinted so hard you half-expected laser beams to come shooting out of your eyes, a la General Zod in Superman II.

I bet you'd be equally furious if you knew our planet was on a collision course with armageddon, as it drifts through an asteroid field fraught with flying saucers. Though this scenario is only a video game, you now have the ability to laser-blast those asteroids to smithereens with your eyes.

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Atari's most successful arcade game, Asteroids, has been given a futuristic, hands-free reboot compliments of eye-tracking specialists, Tobii Technology. EyeAsteroids incorporates Tobii's eye-tracking innovations to allow players to aim and fire asteroid-blasting lasers with their eyes.

Instead of steering a triangular ship, players pilot the the Earth itself. But like the old game, if the Earth sustains too much damage from collisions: game over.

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Billed as the world's first eye-controlled arcade game, developers say it offers a radically different gaming experience — one that gives gamers more precision than traditional controls when targeting rogue asteroids.

If you have an extra $15,000 laying around, EyeAsteroids is available for purchase. Better hurry, though, Tobii's only producing 50 units. If you're a little cashed-strapped, but still want the game, no need to get that furious laser-beam glare in your eye. The game is available for use on a standard computer, but you'll need a 22-inch monitor and Tobii's eye-tracker and game software.

Stay tuned. We'll keep an eye on it.

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Credit: Tobii