Bladerunner Loses, Lashes Out: Oscar

Pistorius, aka “Bladerunner,” faced a staggering loss over the weekend and had some strong words to say

about it, according to

Pistorius, favored to win, lost the 200-meter sprint final to

Brazilian Alan Fonteles Oliveira, who also races on carbon-fiber prosthetics called blades. Oliveira came

from not a small distance behind to overtake Pistorius at the last minute and win the race.


charged that Oliveira had lengthened his blades to make his stride longer than it should have been and

that the race wasn’t fair.

“We are not running a fair race here. I can’t compete with Alan’s stride

length,” Pistorius said.

Pistorius this year became the first disabled athlete to run in the regular

Olympic Games and was subject to his own accusations of cheating.