SpyClops Bionic Eye: $39.99

Dozens of otherwise ordinary items around the house are ready for their close-up and they don't even know it. Using the SpyClops Bionic Eye, arm hair looks like in those 'lift and cut' graphics in shaving commercials. (Jakks Pacific recommends not shaving while using the product.) You can see special microprinting on paper money. And Cheerios…let's just say you won't ever look at them the same.

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After inserting five AA batteries (you supply) and plugging the composite video cable into your TV, you're ready to go. Put the device right up to whatever object you'd like to see magnified. If the image is blurry, tilt or swivel the lens attachment — or pull away slightly from the object. As part of the SpyNet series, it comes with four 'secret documents.' You can use the SpyClops to locate text hidden within them and upload your findings. It's a great way for kids to use a bionic eye without having to crash test a rocket and be rebuilt for several million dollars.

Credit: Jakks Pacific