I’m staring down the barrel of my first full-on summer here in Washington, DC. I’ve been told that come June and July our nation’s capital will be a swampy hell scape, suffocated by humidity and blood-thirsty mosquitoes the size of VW Beetles. The fact that a brood of 17-year old cicadas is also expected to plague The District in the coming months only adds to what’s sure to be buggy summer.

BLOG: Child Abuse Billboard Only A Child Can Read

If only Italian advertising agency Publicis would look stateside. The company’s latest billboard campaign features an image of an aerosol can of Orphea bug spray, with invisible, non-drying glue used in place of the can’s mist. Over time, thousands of insects stick to the glue, creating the illusion of aerosol mist.

Essentially, the billboard itself becomes one giant insect trap, making it quite possibly the most effective advertisement to date. While I’m certainly not advocating for the widespread slaughter of thousands of insects, it would be a crime if those classic summer picnic games of badminton and croquet had to be canceled due to bloodsucking arthropods. Plus, I’ll be damned if don’t get to drink my Moscow Mules outside, barefoot in the backyard grass, just like the Founding Fathers intended.

So Publicis, if you’re listening, I know of some prime real estate for your next billboard. Check out video of the bug zapping billboard here.

via Gizmodo

Credit: PublicisItaly