New Yorkers’ New Best Friend: Two Wheels:

As gas shortages in New York City cripple drivers and the city’s taxi and car service fleets and with subways still not running between Brooklyn and Manhattan, many New Yorkers have tuned up their bicycles and resorted to two wheels to commute.

“I’m extremely glad I have a bike right now — it’s one of the best

assets you can have,” Brooklynite James Emery, 22, told the New York Times on Thursday.

Not only has the bicycle proven to be one of the most efficient methods of getting around the stricken city (for those who are able to ride), cycling is also easier in Manhattan with less traffic clogging city streets.

However, traffic in other parts of the city, including Brooklyn, has been snarled — particularly near the entrances to the bridges that offer passage to Mahattan, and cyclists there have had to pedal with caution.

“I’m scared to be going back to Brooklyn right now,” David Pimentelli, 42, told the New York Times as he

exited the Brooklyn Bridge after a trip to Manhattan. “People are

running red lights, very agitated, they don’t care.”