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Bird Brothers, Coached by Dad, Form Singing Duo
"It goes a little something like this: A young male zebra finch, whose father taught him a song, shared that song with a brother, with the two youngsters then creating new tunes based on dad's signature sound."

A Father's Day Top Ten: Animal Fathers
"Lessons from America's animal kingdom in how to be a superdad."

Red Fox
"Found throughout the world, the resourceful red fox is known for its cleverness and adaptability."

Father's Day: Best Animal Dads
"Father's Day is a wonderful time to celebrate and honor devoted dads of every species. Just like their human counterparts males in the animal world play a vital role in raising and teaching their offspring."

A male seahorse giving birth resembles a horrible pregnant shotgun
"We recently looked at the abstract adorableness of seahorse mating."

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