What happens when a bunch of rebellious, whip-smart "rocket scientists" get their hands on a motorized longboard, an unreleased Samsung Windows 8 tablet and an Xbox 360 Kinect? Answer: They bro-out and create The Board of Awesomeness.


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The superlative dudes at Austin's Chaotic Moon, self-described as "the world's most proven mobile application studio," are no strangers to grandstanding. Visit their site, but prepare yourself to be blitzed by how often they remind you that they consider themselves the smartest, most creative cookies in the jar.

Sure, the we-could-wear-Hawaiian shirts-and-sunglasses-to-work-because-we're-that-creative shtick is cause for a few eye rolls. In fact, Portlandia's already given us a brilliant skewering of what it's like to work at a "creative media firm." But since it's all tongue-and-cheek (at least I hope it is), once you wade through the hubris, besides their killer logo, Chaotic Moon comes up with some pretty gnarly ideas. Case in point: The Board of Awesomeness, capable of reaching speeds of up to 32 miles per hour on two pairs of all-terrain tires.

Video recognition, speech recognition, location data and accelerometer data all combine to make this board…well, awesome. The top the longboard features the Windows 8 tablet where users turn the board on and off. The tablet also manages the speed settings (slow, medium and fast) and allows users to visually monitor their hand gestures. The Kinect — basically the Board of Awesomeness' functional hood ornament — interprets the hand gestures and transmits them back to the tablet. 

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To get started, users hop on the board and raise their hands to trigger the Kinect. When users see a red dot on their hands, it's time to roll. Pushing the hands forward makes the Board of Awesomeness speed up while pulling the hands back make it slow down or stop.

If you find yourself in Las Vegas this week, keep your eyes peeled, because the Chaotic Moon crew will be carving-up the Consumer Electronics Show on their — you guessed it — Board of Awesomeness.

[Via PhysOrg]

Credit: Chaotic Moon