Making that crucial mid-concert beer run is fraught with drawbacks. While the arrival of frosty brew is certainly a reward, whoever is tasked with making the run risks standing in long lines and missing a significant portion of of the show.

Not any more.

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This summer, attendees at the Oppikoppi music festival in South Africa can skip the lines and have cold beer delivered by a drone. If all goes according to plan, customers will be able to place orders on their smartphones via an iOS app. A drone will then be loaded with parachute-equipped beer, fly overhead and drop the payload to thirsty festival goers.

The drones were piloted in test flights, but the goal is to have them fly autonomously to GPS coordinates. Much like the Darwin Aerospace’s Burrito Bomber, the SteadiDrone octocopter features a release mechanism for delivering beer.

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So far the delivery service is limited to festival attendees pre-gaming in the District 9 campsite, so mid-concert beer runs still might need to be made the old fashioned way. The Oppikoppi festival is slated to run Aug. 8-10.  Check out video of the beer drone’s maiden voyage here.

via Popsci

Credit: OppikoppiTV