In the beautiful (yet, eerie) photo above, is what appears to be some sort of poltergeist or a scene from Harry Potter, but it’s actually the Sun’s trail through the sky from winter solstice to summer solstice, that is December, 2007 to June, 2008.

Photographer Justin Quinnell captured these photos using pinhole photography, emptied beer cans and about 50 cents worth of other supplies, such as duct tape and regular photography paper. While the cameras only took about five minutes to build, they had to withstand six months of “wind, rain, hail, and being thrown in the trash.”

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If you are wondering what kind of beer cans he used, “My choice would be lager or Guinness although often, when I teach larger groups, I have to rely on what is left in my neighbors recycling boxes,” notes Quinnell.

You can see more of his pinhole photography at his website,, which is full of fun and interesting projects.