Anthony takes a minute to explain how friendly silver foxes (yes, the animal) are helping us answer why we think beautiful people are so great.

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Fetching Faces and Friendly Foxes
"'What is beautiful is good' -- but why? A recent article in The Quarterly Review of Biology provides a compelling physiological explanation for the 'beauty stereotype': why human beings are wired to favor the beautiful ones."

A Foxy View of Human Beauty: Implications of the Farm Fox Experiment for Understanding the Origins of Structural and Experiential Aspects of Facial Attractiveness
"Within 20 years, experimental selection of quantified "not too aggressive, not too fearful" behavior to human approach was shown in silver foxes (Vulpes vulpes) to produce a neotenic package of traits in adults: ability to seek, induce, and sustain contact (called friendly or rapport behavior); relatively short limbs and foreshortened skull/face; and light pigmentation areas."

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