Photo: AmboseliTrust via YouTube

In the African bush of Kenya, sometimes the great circle of life can be disrupted because humans do something like dig for a well. Sure, this act doesn’t intend to pose a threat on the wildlife — until a baby elephant accidentally falls into one.

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According to Adventure Journal and TreeHugger, a baby elephant did fall into a manmade well in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park. Fortunately a rescue squad from the Amboseli Trust came onto the scene to aid in the elephant calf’s misfortune — but not without having to confront and chase away the concerned mother, who didn’t seem to know that the humans were there to help, not harm:

After the ordeal, the calf gets reunited with its mother. Hopefully, they’ll remember that not all people pose a threat to their kind — especially if they recognize the Amboseli trucks. This should be the case, because, as they say, an elephant never forgets.