As long as woebegone misanthropes continue to satisfy their appetite for affection of any kind by gorging themselves on the smorgasbord of virtual reality, they will continue to starve themselves of human interaction. Well, their waistline just got even thinner. Here's another sad notch in the techie belt of loneliness.


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Using a hacked Kinect sensor and a pair of video glasses sandwiched together, a Japanese man not only created a virtual reality girlfriend, he took her on a date to a playground. Her name is Hatsune Miku and she came pre-made from a Japanese voice synthesizer called Vocaloid.

Capable of overlaying virtual objects in the real world, the video glasses allowed turquoise-haired Miku to tag along with her new found companion. What did the lovely couple do on their hot date? Well, Miku mainly just bounced around looking perky and wide-eyed while her gentleman suitor patted her on the head.

However, her effervescence rightfully soured when her beau bopped her on the noggin, not once but twice. I'm certainly no authority on relationships, but I do know this: Dude, if you're assaulting your avatar girlfriend in the virtual world, it's no wonder you're struggling to find female companionship in the real world. And you're not alone, according to this article from Slate.

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Want to chaperone the awkward couple? Be their guest and check out the video below. However, I do suggest downing a few bottles of sake before you do so. That's about the only way you'll be able to stomach the soundtrack's sugary, pop-techno blast. Otherwise, you will want to jab chopsticks in your ears.


via Daily Mail

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