If you’re the type of person who doesn’t leave the house without noise-canceling headphones or earbuds and a playlist of tasty tracks, you’re quite familiar with enveloping yourself in an audio bubble.

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Now you can do that quite literally, with AudioOrb, a Plexiglass sphere decked out with 18 internal speakers for a “rich and full audio spectrum,” as well as Tempur memory-foam pillows and enough space for some serious chillaxing. Just plug in your device and push play.

Designed by the same folks behind the Wall of Sound iPhone speaker, AudioOrb was developed by Scandinavian creative lab, ST. They’ve dubbed it the “first spherical speaker you can enter.” The pod is also lauded for its sound cancellation qualities.

“Spherical spaces almost completely block the noise from the outside world,” the project’s Indiego page said. “This was our starting point when we developed the AudioOrbs.

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Maybe it’s because of Colorado’s historic legislation that recently legalized marijuana, but I can’t look at the AudioOrb without thinking the sound sphere would be immensely popular with those who like to partake.

Unfortunately, most hot-boxing stoners won’t be able to afford AudioOrb’s $15,000 price tag. For those loaded blazers that can afford it, just ignore supreme harsher of mellows, David Brooks, if he comes a knocking.


Credit: AudioOrbs