Black light tattoos have done well to well to conceal ink from body-art naysayers, but to truly go under the radar, techie tat enthusiasts may want to consider injecting a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip under their skin.

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Artist Anthony Antonellis did exactly that — not necessarily to circumvent prudish people, but to create a new way for digital artist to display their work. Between his thumb and index finger, Antonellis implanted a small RFID chip. The chip, about the size of a grain of rice, is housed in a glass capsule and has a small antenna. The chip has 1KB of storage and is totally invisible, of course, minus any procedural scars. Hold a smartphone one to two centimeters from the chip and up pops an animated GIF on the phone’s screen.

“From the phone I can upload new GIFs onto [the chip] or new artwork,” Antonellis said in his project’s promo video. “I’m going to have different artists create different artwork on here, so it’ll be kind of like a digital, Net-art tattoo.”

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So far, Antonellis uploaded a somewhat lame GIF of pixelated rainbow colors, but I assume that animation was just used for a trial run. Hopefully, he has a deep roster of digital artists to call on. Otherwise, he can always just go with drunk Ron Swanson dancing to Daft Punk.


Credit: Animal NY, YouTube