Hoping to appeal to a generation of kids raised on video games, it looks likes Legos is teaming up with Sony to create a new breed of toys that are both classic and futuristic.

While touring Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Tokyo, IDG News Service shot video of a collection of Legos with cameras, motors and artificial intelligence wired onto the bricks.

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One demonstration included a user controlling a motorized Legobot with a PlayStation controller while a second motion-tracking Legobot, controlled by a computer, gave chase. The cat and mouse game took place on table-top playing surface with tiny actuators that caused Lego creations to collapse or explode when they came in contact, creating a simulated minefield. Other bots were equipped with cameras that could broadcast video to tablets or smartphones.

The project is still experimental and has not begun making any actual products, but clearly researchers are trying to bridge the gap between toys and video games.

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Thinking back to the Lego vehicles I made as a kid and how I liked to ramp them off pillows, culminating in spectacular crashes, having an on-board Lego-cam would have yielded some gnarly videos.

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Credit: Networkworld, YouTube screengrab