Military personnel, firefighters, police and emergency medical technicians are often the first responders to emergencies involving harmful chemicals. But since toxic gas can't be seen and can't always be smelled, first-responders are more than vulnerable.


That's why Morphix Technologies has developed the Chameleon, a hands-free chemical detection device to be worn on the forearm. Slightly resembling a super-hero gadget, the Chameleon arm band holds up to ten small, disposable cartridges that detect various hazardous chemicals. When exposed to toxic gas, the cartridge's display window changes color.

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The Chameleon was originally designed for the U.S. Marine Corps, so it can withstand rugged elements. The sensor cartridges can even be submerged in both fresh and salt water for up to an hour and still retain their capacity to detect toxic chemicals.

The device comes in a variety of kits, each with their own cartridge combinations, to be used in specific situations. For example, the Chaleleon Chemical Suicide Detection Kit contains cartridges that detect hydrogen sulfide, phosphine, sulfur dioxode and high and low pH levels. The Clan-Meth Lab Detection Kit contains cartridges that detect ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, iodine, low pH levels and phosgene. Cartridges for chlorine/fluorine, diborane and hydrazine are also available.

Morphix Technologies plans to introduce additional sensor cartridges soon.

[Via GizMag]

 Image: Morphix Technologies