Photos: Spikeball

Throw away your Frisbee. Lose the hacky sack. The biggest new sport sweeping college campuses — and beaches and parks nationwide — is Spikeball.

Never heard of it? You will. It’s now an official sport at a half dozen colleges, and intramural leagues are popping up at dozens more. And keep your eyes open on the beach this summer… there’s a growing contingent of Spikeball enthusiasts who are shunning the volleyball courts and their well-worn nets in favor of this highly portable sport.

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Billed as “Intense. Competitive. Fast.” all you need to play Spikeball is a hula-hoop-sized net that stands about ankle high, a Spikeball the size of a large orange, and 3 other willing players. That’s it. There’s no other equipment, and no need to tape off any sort of court or out of bounds lines. Because there’s no need for ‘em. Spikeball is played in as big or small an area as you need.

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Basically like a game of volleyball where the idea is to spike the ball into the net all the time, two teams of two players square off around the net. It doesn’t matter where you stand, because there are no “sides” and no “positions.” The server slams the spikeball into the net. The opposing players have up to three hits to slam the ball back onto the net. The object is to spike the ball so the other team cant return it. If they fail, you get 1 point. First team to 21 wins. Simple enough. And no need for referees.

A complete Spikeball set will run you about $50. Then all you need to find is a flat space to play and trio of friends. And since there’s no real athletic skill, like shooting a basket or hitting a ball, required, anyone can play and enjoy it. That is, until big league agents get involved…

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