Apple Pulls Drone Tracker: When Apple rejects developers work it gives insight into their internal processes. This time, it's a tracker app for military drones.

The app was created by Josh Begley, and mirrored part of an app created by The Guardian, a UK newspaper. The app used publicly available data to track drone strikes in Afghanistan, but was rejected by Apple's reviewers.

The standalone app did nothing illegal, and was essentially the same interactive map already approved for use within the Guardian's own app, but the new one was rejected.

Apple's policies determine which apps become publicly available. The app, called Drone+, was rejected twice by Apple's reviewers, who told Begley it was, "not useful or entertaining enough," and that it violated their ban on "excessively objectionable or crude content."

With regard to usefulness, government transparency seems a good banner to get behind, but as far as drone attack information being crude or objectionable; only Apple knows how that fares.