Thanks to Moe Howard of the "Three Stooges," it used to be that sporting a bowl cut was quickest way to fashion yourself a helmet-headed moron. Lloyd Christmas, anyone? But now, thanks to Justin Bieber's old do, an even shaggier version of the bowl cut has swept across the nation and Goofus has now become Gallant.

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Same goes for techie geeks. They've been plucked from mom's basement and put on pop culture's pedestal. Essentially, they're rock stars and Silicon Valley is their Xanadu.


Suddenly, donning a wearable computer doesn't have the geeky stigma it once did, unless, of course, you work at a McDonald's in Paris. Google's Project Glass has shown us that this is technology's new frontier and marketing the first one is like a race to see who can land on the moon first.

Not to be left to eat Google's dust, Apple has joined the race and they've drawn inspiration from the bowl cut. "Patently Apple" reported last week that Apple filed a patent in January 2011 for a video glasses project called "Display resolution increase with mechanical actuation." 

The patent's drawing shows what looks to be a bowl over the wearer's head with eyewear that extends over one eye. Inventor of the head-mounted display is credited to Edward Craig Hyatt.

Most of the patent seems to detail improvements of the resolution of images seen through the eyewear.

Here's the patent's abstract overview:

There are provided apparatuses and methods for increasing the pixel density of a digital display through mechanical actuation. In some embodiments, a display device is described having a processor configured to provide an image for display and a memory coupled to the processor. The memory stores the image and is configured to map the image to a pixel matrix. A display controller is coupled to the memory and configured to sample portions of the image and to store the portions of the image into planes. Each sampled portion comprises a different set of pixels of the pixel matrix. A display is coupled to the display controller and is configured to display the contents of the sampled planes. In particular, the display controller is configured to sequentially provide the sampled planes to the display for sequential display. At least one actuator is coupled to the display to displace the display for the displaying of the sampled planes, so that pixels of each plane are displayed in a unique location from the pixels of other planes.

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News of Apple's patent should excite those in the Dadaist Pastafarian community. After all, their religious faith requires them to wear a colander on their head, so Apple's bowl-headed video glasses should be a big hit with them.


Credit: Patently Apple