In the vast majority of crashes between cars and bikes, it’s no surprise that a) it’s usually the driver of the car who doesn’t see the biker in time, and b) the car wins.

Enter BikeShieldApp. Download it and your phone will warn you of approaching bikes or motorcycles five to 10 seconds before you spot them on the road.

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The idea came about in part when one of the app’s designers bought a motorcycle, and his friends worried he’d get hurt.

“You’ve probably had the experience that you’re driving your car, and all of the sudden a motorcycle passes you on the left, fast,” designer Pere Margalef told Fast Company. “You think if you’d just decided to change lanes, you would have hit this guy. So I thought, what if somehow before I even see him, I know that he’s coming?”

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While the app, which will be available Sept. 12, has all the GPS technology to help motorists steer clear of their road companions, it faces a steep hurdle: Both drivers and bikers need to download it and use it every time they hit the road. Eventually, the designers hope to integrate it into cars and commonly used vehicle apps like Google Maps. A promo video is below.

“No one wants to be in an accident,” Margalef said. “But some drivers might not take the time to download the app, so we also want to integrate it by default.”

via Fast Company

Credit: BikeShieldApp screengrab