If you think there’s a mysterious spirit haunting your house, you don’t need to call Ghostbusters anymore: you can download an app.

Roger Pingleton and Jill Beitz, a pair of Indiana ghost hunters, wrote an iPhone app that they say picks up ghost activity. Called Spirit Story Box, it’s on Apple’s App Store. When you fire it up, the app picks up on random electrical noise inside the device and translates that into a word. The idea is that spirits from the afterlife affect electric currents and use them to communicate.

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It’s not a new theory; Thomas Edison said that spirits would have that effect and that it should be possible to build a device to detect it.

The interface shows a cool map of electrical sparks, though. As the “the energy swarm visualization activity” intensifies, a needle on the display moves to the right, until a word appears.

The couple told the Star-Press of Muncie, Ind., that they searched for ghosts in the Wayne County Historical Museum. Pingleton told the Press that the words were related to objects they were looking at.

Speaking as a non-believer, I’d call the app — beautifully designed as it is — a random word generator. And the app is listed as “for entertainment purposes only.” But as half the public believes in ghosts, the 99 cent app will probably find a lot of buyers. And it’s sure to attract the many amateur ghost hunters inspired by shows like Ghost Hunters.

Credit: Spirit Story Box screenshot