When you picture a lonely misanthrope whose appetite for tech overshadows their culinary skills and/or desire to make friends, what food do you imagine them eating? Hands down, the answer is ramen noodles, long considered the life force of desolate geeks the world over.

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But chin-up all you slouched and slurping masses, no longer shall you fester in your solitary supper, thanks to MisoSoupDesign’s “Anti-Loneliness ramen bowl.”

Designed by Daisuke Nagatomo and Jan Minnie, the deep ramen bowls feature a rim slot that snugly fits your security blanket smartphone. Therefore, you’ll never have to shovel another meal into your face without the reassuring presence of a screen, there to remind you that you’re not alone in this world.

I imagine these bowls will also be popular with those who, lonely or not, feel that not checking in with their various social media networks is akin to spiritual amputation. You know who I’m talking about, couple sitting across from me at brunch.

Even if these bowls do leave a bad taste in your mouth, know this: apparently they also double as decent sound amplifiers so you could pump up the smartphone jams and slurp ramen in another bowl if you so choose.

However, don’t go stocking up on that Costco pallet of ramen just yet. According to MisoSoupDesign’s Facebook page, the bowls are still in the prototype phase, but they will be available soon.

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Maybe it’s just me, but if the anti-loneliness ramen bowls joined forces with KFC’s Famous Bowls, we might have what amounts to a hungry loner’s wet dream. I know at least Patton Oswalt is on board with me. After all, he knows what people want to eat: a failure pile in a sadness bowl.


Credit: MisoSoupDesign