In the sunlight, that touchscreen on your iPhone or tablet is looking pretty smudged. Imagine the microscopic cooties squirming around? Gross.

Now Corning, the maker of Gorilla Glass, is working on anti-glare glass that also incorporates antimicrobial tech that kills germs and viruses. Jeffrey Evenson, senior vice president and operations chief of staff for Corning, described the new display in more detail at the MIT Mobile Technology Summit in San Francisco.

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The screen will be made from the same glass used for optical fiber and is 30 times more transparent than the purest water. Not only is this glass strong — it can theoretically tolerate the pressure of 10,000 elephants stacked on top — but it reduces glare when used outside. In the image above, the circle is not hole but rather the area treated with the anti-glare technology.

An antimicrobial coating was tested and shown to kill viruses and bacteria in under two hours.

Corning has not said when exactly it will roll out the glass, but did throw out the vague “two year” timeline. We hope it’s sooner.