Last May we mentioned the X Prize Foundation and their collaboration with Qualcomm for the Tricoder X PRIZE, a $10 million award for the development of a mobile medical diagnostic tool a la Star Trek. To follow up on that, a tech startup, Scanadu, has entered that competition with their Medical Tricorder. Developed to measure blood pressure, pulmonary function and temperature, it is geared toward parents of young children to help make decisions on whether a symptom is serious enough to visit an emergency room, or what other measures could be taken.

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There are plans under way to integrate a camera for analyzing rashes as well as the capability to examine bodily fluid samples. According to this video on the Scanadu website, the gadget can announce flu or disease outbreaks within a user’s area and be programmed to display reminders for vaccinations. A member of the medical advisory board, Daniel Kraft, spoke at a TED event earlier this summer to introduce medical technology that would bring diagnostics into the hands of patients.


Credit: Scanadu