Angry Ex-GF in Bomb Hoax: Christopher Shell

had a very bad day yesterday.

He was hauled off a U.S. Airways flight from Philadelphia to Dallas by a

full-blown SWAT operation, under suspicion of carrying liquid explosives.

The flight turned around after a

man phoned in a "tip" to police that Shell was a bomber; police told a press conference that Shell's

ex-girlfriend was behind the call, which was a joke designed to get Shell in big trouble, reports

But that wasn't

all. Shell happened to have a friend at the Philadelphia airport who rushed him through security yesterday

and Shell posted on his Facebook page that clearing security had been easy, which further fueled police

suspicion against him.

Shell is cooperating with police. The ex-GF and her suspected current BF are in

police custody and face potential criminal charges for the joke, which was called "an incredibly foolish and irresponsible thing to do" by Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Joseph Sullivan.