A survey from Harris Interactive of more than 2,000 hiring managers and 3,800 workers found that employees who drop the f-bomb and other swear words are likely to lose out on a promotion. In all, 57 percent of employers said they’re less likely to promote a foul-mouthed worker.

Overall, 51 percent of employees say they swear in the office — 95 percent of them do so in front of colleagues while 51 percent reported doing so in the presence of their bosses. That number dwindles to 13 percent in front of senior execs and 7 percent in front of clients. Bosses are also guilty, with a quarter of them saying they’ve cussed at employees. A slightly larger percentage of men (54 percent) admitted swearing at the workplace compared with 47 percent of women.

So which are the most foul-mouth cities? The breakdown below:

Washington D.C. – 62 percent

Denver – 60 percent

Chicago – 58 percent

Los Angeles – 56 percent

Boston – 56 percent

Atlanta – 54 percent

Minneapolis – 50 percent

Phoenix – 47 percent

New York – 46 percent

Philadelphia – 44 percent

Does it surprise you that D.C. tops the list? Me, neither.