True X-Files Plot? We all know the story: An ancient (probably alien) strain of dormant bacteria is thawed from Arctic ice that kills (or possesses) anyone it infects. Well, scientists have now uncovered strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in Lechuguilla Cave, in New Mexico’s Carlsbad Cavern National Park… that have spent 4-7 million years in isolation. This is curious as it goes to show that bacteria are rather clever at defending themselves against our finest medicines despite having never come into contact with humans. Let’s just hope they’re not blowtorch-resistant. (10:25 p.m.) via The Grist

Siri Leads the Blind: A touch screen might not make a lot of sense for a blind person, but then again, maybe it does! Tommy Edison produces a video series on how the blind can use the iPhone 4S, and it’s fascinating to see how a piece of technology used every day by the seeing, can be changed for those who don’t use their eyes. (5:30 p.m.) via The Atlantic

Glowing Dino Money Up North: First they introduced polymer bills to replace their paper ones, then they said they were doing away with pennies and now they have announced a new quarter to be released next week that will glow in the dark, according to Time’s In the daytime, the coin will look like any other one, but at night the coin’s “dinosaur skeleton glows, allowing Canadians to wow little kids,” according to Moneyland. (1 pm) via

A Long, Hot Slog: With temperatures expected to reach the 90s, runners entered in today’s Boston Marathon were urged to think twice about taking part. “Anyone entered in the marathon who has not met the qualifying standards for their age and gender strongly consider not running,” said an email sent to all marathon runners over the weekend. People entered in this year’s marathon who do opt out will have the chance to reclaim their spots in next year’s race. Race officials also plan to keep the finish line open an hour longer to encourage runners to take it easy if they need to. Elite runners were not expected to have trouble — though the heat may slow them down. (10:20 a.m.) via Washington Post

Unlock Your Foursquare 2012 Badge Today: In 2010, fans of the social networking site Foursquare, which allows users to declare where they are in the world at any given moment, declared April 16 Foursquare Day due to its mathematical relevance. If you were to write the date as mm/dd/yr today is 4/4^2/12. Those who “Check-in” today, will unlock this beautiful blue celebration badge. Happy 4^2 Day 2012! (8:30 a.m.) via Fourquare