Getting in the mood for cider and brisk morning walks with vistas of reds, oranges and golds?

The leaves haven’t started changing yet, but when they do autumn admirers can track the progress of the changing foliage using the U.S. Forest Service’s Fall Colors 2013 website. A map of the U.S will turn from green to red as the majority of leaves in a region hit their prime color. Brown will mean that the peak has passed.

PHOTOS: Autumn Colors

A hotline also provides access to information about autumn’s advance into different regions of the nation.

This will be my wife’s first year to enjoy changing autumn colors. In her hometown of Siguatepeque, Honduras, fragrant pine trees dominate the forests and live up to their evergreen reputation.

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Roadtripper‘s leaf peeping guide will help me plan ahead to show off America’s autumnal awesomeness to my wife. Roadtripper features a map with undulating waves of color marking approximately when the peak time for leaf extravagance will arrive. The site also recommends scenic drives that offer loads of leaf love.

We plan to take a cruise along the Great River Road and hopefully catch a glimpse of a bald eagle soaring over the Mississippi with a background of radiant red, orange and yellow leaves. Talk about a great image to welcome my wife to an American autumn!

IMAGE: Sugar maple, Acer saccharum, leaves in autumn (Jean-Pol GRANDMONT, Wikimedia Commons)