foxLO: $149

Three things CES is all about: impressively smaller versions of stuff, items that won't be out for a little while and products you have to see/hear to believe. Based on its demure stature, planned Spring release and the booming sound we experienced first-hand at the show, the foxLO subwoofer fits all three categories.

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The foxLO is the latest endeavor by Soundmatters, the same folks who gave us the foxL v2, which on its own has the deepest bass of any super-compact Bluetooth speaker we've heard. So why add more? When we're at our desktops, we first add to the experience by maxing out our monitors. But the picture — so to speak — isn't complete without the telltale thundering to which we've become accustomed. As Lee Adams, VP at Soundmatters, put it to Discovery News: "We're trained from home theater to expect bass."

Even though the versatile little foxLO weighs in at a mere 1 1/2 pounds, it certainly delivered solid, cinema-worthy bass in its debut at the show. Despite the foxL's already ample low-end, plugging the foxLO into its subwoofer output was like kicking in the turbo on an already fast sports car. And for those who don't have a foxL but still want the foxLO's 25 amplified watts of boom, the foxLO can be connected directly to a laptop to take advantage of its full pass-through audio. Even better, the benefitting speaker can be charged through this mighty little rumbler's USB-A charging port.

Credit: Soundmatters

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