An elephant can hold more than 40 gallons of urine in it's giant bladder. And you'd think it would take a long time to empty a bladder that big, but you'd be wrong! It actually takes an elephant no longer than almost any other mammal in the animal kingdom. Why? Anthony explains.

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The Law of Urination: mammals take 21 seconds to pee
"Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have discovered a new golden rule: every mammal takes about 21 seconds to urinate. Patricia Yang and her co-authors dubbed it the "Law of Orientation" in a paper published this week, and they say it applies across a wide range of animal sizes."

Law of Urination: all mammals empty their bladders over the same duration
"The urinary system evolved to eject fluids from the body quickly and efficiently."

Universal law of urination found in mammals
"You'll never look at Dumbo in the same way again. Elephants, cows, goats and dogs all take roughly 21 seconds to empty their bladders. A "law of urination" now explains the physics behind what happens when you just gotta go."

Morphometry of the aging female rat urethra
"Muscles in the limbs change with age, but the aging process of urethral muscles is unknown."

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