Aleppo TV a Syrian Lifeline: An underground television station called Aleppo Today has become must-see TV for Syrians who still remain in what was once the country's most populated city. The station has been broadcasting political reports since July, when Syria's civil war swept into the city. Now the station provides a constant live-stream update on the fighting.

The broadcast is simple, just music and still images. But running along the bottom of the screen is information alerting viewers to the movement of government tanks, strikes by air force jets, rebel offensives in the city and Internet delays. The reports come from more than 40 correspondents in Aleppo and another 30 reporters in the suburbs. According to WBUR, the channel is often blocked by President Bashar Assad's regime, but when that happens, the station moves their broadcasts to another channel and it doesn't take long for members of its loyal audience to find it.