Getting drunk in an instant. Photo: Foc Kan/WireImage

College students have made many advances in the field of getting drunk quickly- the beer bong and shot luge come to mind- but their work pales in comparison to a new alcoholic spray that promises to get you drunk instantaneously. But easy come, easy go: The inebriation lasts only a few seconds.

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The WA|HH Quantum Sensations spray, presented in Paris last week, is the work of designer Philippe Starck and scientist David Edwards. The stick of lipstick-sized spray delivers .075 milliliters of alcohol, enough to have you seeing stars for just a little while. And the removal of the liquid from the drinking process apparently also takes out the hangovers: According to Gizmodo, once the drunkenness disappears, there’s no headache (or elevated blood alcohol content) left in its wake.

If you stay up late “drinking” from the WA|HH, you can always jump start your morning with a spray of caffeine from the Aeroshot, also the work of Edwards.