An annual whale census off the Pacific coast of Mexico turned up a welcome sight: the albino whale known as “Gallon of Milk,” a female gray whale not seen since 2009.

Mexico’s National Commission of Natural Protected Areas (CONANP) was in the midst of making the animal count when it spotted the distinctive marine mammal and captured this video:

Keen observers will notice a small gray calf alongside Gallon of Milk. So it looks like the rare whale has also become a parent in recent times.

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The white stunner's condition, albinism -- a gene mutation that results in a sharp reduction or lack of pigment -- is rarely documented in marine mammals, making her all the more special.

Gallon of Milk was part of a yearly count of migrating gray whales to Mexico’s Pacific coast. CONANP said this year’s tally showed 2,211 gray whales.