Photo: Jupiterimages

There are a lot of factors that can make a flight pleasant or unbearable- delays, invasive pat downs, and, of course, who’s sitting next to you. Two airlines are looking to give you more say in that last one. Malaysia Airlines has created a Facebook service called MHBuddy to let you see where your friends are sitting in the plane and arrange to be next to one another.

KLM has gone a bit further, allowing passengers to access each other’s Facebook and LinkedIn profiles (though you can opt out altogether). It works a lot like a dating web site: if both parties are interested, the match is made. KLM envisions passengers using the service, called “Meet & Seat,” to make romantic and business connections.

Much more practical in my opinion would be an option to choose your seatmate based on other measures, namely weight, body odor and tendency to snore.