For smartphone owners, it’s now become a familiar moment: that sinking feeling every time their precious, expensive device clatters to the ground after being dropped. Does a shattered screen await or did I cheat consequence once again?

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Fortunately, with Honda’s new airbag-equipped smartphone case, those questions are irrelevant. That’s right, during free fall, six marshmallowy cushions deploy from the so-called Case N to ensure a safe landing. The only drawback is users must be willing to carry a little added bulk in their pockets, for Case N is the size of a football.

If that last detail wasn’t enough to raise a red flag, I hate to burst your bubble, but Case N is just a marketing ploy for Honda’s new mini car, the N WGN. However, the actual case and the clever video below are in fact real — just don’t expect Santa to come through if you put Case N on your Christmas list.

While Honda’s smartphone case sounds more than a little absurd, it’s not as far-fetched as you might think. Apple has applied for a patent that includes “self-righting” technologies for iPhones. The patent application details protective mechanisms that would “selectively alter a center of mass” of the device, compliments of “air foils,” a “thrusting mechanism” and a “gripping member” that could latch on to power or headphone cords.

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Have any clever “self-righting” smartphone ideas of your own? Feel free to turn them loose in the comments below.

via Gizmodo

Credit: Honda