Wind power seems a natural fit for the United States Air Force. Soon, a pair of wind turbines will churn the air above Cape Cod Air Force Station in Massachusetts.

The turbines will save the station an estimated $1 million in energy costs per year and thereby halve the station’s energy bills. Those energy savings should allow the turbines to pay for themselves within 12 years, then provide power without costing taxpayers anything except maintenance for the rest of the turbines operational lives. The installation of the turbines is scheduled for completion in November 2013.

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“Where we’re stationed here on the Massachusetts seashore, there is extremely high potential to generate wind energy,” Steve Mellin, Sixth Space Warning Squadron support officer, said in a press release. “We’re in one of the better spots on the East Coast to take advantage of the wind energy.”

The Sixth Space Warning Squadron, which is based at the Cape Cod Air Force Station, plans to use the turbines to help power a radar system which detects and tracks sea-launched, intercontinental ballistic missiles and also helps the Air Force keep tabs on what is happening in space.

IMAGE: The new turbines, similar to these two already in place at the Massachusetts Military Reservation and will offset over 50 percent of the station’s annual electrical purchases. CREDIT: U.S. Air Force