A few weeks ago, Chevy kicked off an eye-catching advertising campaign for its recently launched Sonic by pushing the car out of an airplane (with a parachute). The stunt was part of its “Let’s Do This Campaign” to encourage people to take on new challenges. So far, the car is still in the lead, especially since this week it checked another box off its bucket list: bungee jumping.


The Sonic was sent off a ten story high stack of shipping containers in a California parking lot. In case the rope snapped, there was a water-filled kiddie pool directly below, into which the Sonic dipped its front bumper before rocketing back upwards.

The “Let’s Do This” challenge asks people to push their limits by having the car do unexpected things. To play the “Game of Firsts,” rack up points by taking on challenges you’ve never done before. Chevy’s examples: bake a cake that looks like you and eat it, donate blood dressed as a vampire, work out in a grocery store.

A series of Sonics will be given away to those with the most points, as well as to random players. And if none of that appeals to you, you can still enjoy the awesome footage of a car rolling out of an airplane and parachuting to earth.

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