They may not be the hippest frames in the world, but when it comes to providing affordable eyeglasses for people living in the developing world, fashion always takes a back seat to function.

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Eyejusters, an Oxford-based technology company, is bringing their SideLens adjustable lens technology to the masses, particularly those who can't afford the often high price tag of eye wear.


Users adjust their 'prescription' by turning dials located on the sides of the frames. The dials control two lens that are overlaid on one another.

"By sliding one element over the other, the lens changes its 'prescription' to give clear vision instantly," explains Eyejuster's website. "We've obsessively modelled, simulated and measured them to provide outstanding optical clarity and comfort."

Eyejusters creators added: "Each SlideLens is a pair of lenses with a special shape that you are able to see if you hold the lens on its side and reflect light from the surface. When these lenses are slid across each other (left-to-right), their combined shapes act as if they were one lens with a changing spherical surface."

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The adjustable eyewear comes in two types: negative power to correct poor distance vision and positive power to correct near and far-sightedness.

Developers are now taking pre-orders and say their distribution kits are ideal for NGO's and local advocacy groups. Interested parties can contact Eyejusters here.